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The application recognizes your hand gestures and compares them with a test letter of a word. Your hand rotation and position data are provided by a Leap motion controller. There are several predefined words for recognition. Each word assigned with a 3D model of a fantastic creature. Your task is to recognize all letters in a word and open an animated creature. You can rotate and move that model with your hand.

Ten percent of the world population are people with hearing problems. They use the fingerspelling language for communication.

VR Fingerspeller is intended not only for deaf people, but also for anyone who wants to learn the fingerspelling language. One of the authors of this application is deaf.

Try and enjoy!

Install instructions

For a better hand gestures recognition you have to make a simple holder for the Leap controller from a business card or a piece of heavy paper. It rotates the controller around 45 degrees towards you. The guide steps are presented on a picture.

Save the archive and extract it. Connect your Leap Motion to a PC and ensure that it is functioning properly. Run VrFingerspellerX86.exe and press Start Button.


If your gesture does not properly detected, try to spread your fingers wide, reform the gesture, and rotate the hand a little. This will help the controller to recognize it.

If you have the Nvidia Optimus technology or AMD analogue, ensure that the application runs on a more powerful video adapter.

You may also need Visual studio C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013.

We tested the application on Windows 7 (x64) and 8.1 (x64) systems.


VrFingerspellerBinx86.zip 133 MB


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Hello, Kip.

Thank you for your feedback. We wanted to add support for the Oculus DK2 but encountered several stability problems on different computer configurations. We released the application without an Oculus or any other HMD support. Only the the Leap Motion for now. It is possible that after some testing time we will release a version with the Oculus support.

I wasn't able to get this working with the Rift (although it does run as a desktop/non-VR experience). Do you support a different HMD or possibly require an older version of the Oculus runtime?